My gut health issues have been solved! I don’t fear mealtimes and the discomfort that would have followed. I don’t have to plan road trips and shopping trips to make sure that there are bathroom facilities close by. What an amazing change!

I’ve exchanged poor habits and choices with different habits and better choices that give me energy and don’t inflame my gut. I’m generally in an energetic and positive space. I no longer feel overwhelmed about life and choices. An unexpected change that really helped my personal relationships as well as work relationships was how Kate gently guided me about boundaries. That has reduced work and relationship stress enormously.

Kate has made me realise that having a health coach help me on my journey was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I really appreciated that she didn’t force specific beliefs (e.g. Low Carb or Vegan or “all or nothing approach”) on me and that she offered me information to look at that could be discussed. She encouraged me to try a variety of approaches and always check how my own body reacts to different things.

I’d recommend my coach to…EVERYONE! Kate’s personal journey to heal her gut enables her to help people with GI issues and she genuinely knows what we go through. From helping you with gut health issues, to creating more joy, to improving relations – Kate truly has a gift to “speak Lindy” and cut through the fluffy stuff to help you find out what the underlying issues are.

Lindy Matzke

Kate Miller is a wonderful Health Coach who truly takes a holistic approach. I approached her during a time when life felt like it was moving too fast. My sessions with Kate allowed me to press pause, slow down, reflect, take stock and remember all that inspires me, nurtures me and fills me up. Kate is knowledgeable, kind, empathetic and wise. She creates a safe space and gracefully balances firm accountability with gentle understanding. She has provided support, guidance and practical tools that flow naturally alongside my existing passions and interests. She has inspired action from a place of grounding presence and awareness and reminded me how to slow down and simply be.


My time with Kate has given me a whole new outlook on health. It’s not just about diet and exercise, but about nurturing many facets of our lives- including our relationships (with ourselves and others), our stress management, our creativity, our joy and our spirituality. Kate was incredible at introducing me to and educating me on tools in all these areas in a manageable, fun and purposeful way. The tools she has given me are invaluable for life. I can’t stop recommending her to my friends and family! Thank you Kate!


My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were to establish the cause of my constant diarrhea and stomach pain having been to hospital for an inflamed colon and finding no red flags in a colonoscopy and gastroscopy as well as  to loose weight and to feel physically more content with my body.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the 3 month Health Programme has been from having diarrhea almost everyday I know exactly what the triggers are if I do get diarrhea and it might be once or twice a month and mostly because I drank coffee.

I would describe my coach as extremely attentive and knowledgable. Katie is very passionate not only about living a healthy lifestyle but also about helping you through your challenges, be it dietary or emotional! Caring and genuine, she is determined to help you to optimal health and is very supportive.

I was skeptical at first and was not sure what to expect from seeing a health coach. I received much more than I expected! Apart from learning how to achieve a healthy gut Kate also guided me through a bit of life coaching and everyday practices to feel more content and fulfilled in my everyday life. I have learnt so much on this journey with Kate. I even started my own herb garden! A very holistic and inward looking approach to improving your health.


My coach was able to help me work toward my goals by firstly gaining an understanding of my life circumstances and what makes me tick as a person. Secondly, she provided me with valuable session notes pertaining to nutrition, body ailment issues and how to overcome/improve said issues as well as information about setting better routines and addressing mental patterns that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the programme has been how amazing I started to feel when I made a concerted effort to eat better (primarily whole foods) and how quickly it improved my mental state overall, this knock-on effect I found truly amazing!

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that when I settled into my new routines, I was able to maintain a healthy mind and body quite easily and prolong my state of happiness. We all have up and down days however I found my down days became fewer and not so detrimental.

My decision to start my journey of self-improvement with a Health Coach was one of the best of my life.


My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were to establish a healthy eating lifestyle/routine, create and maintain routine in my busy schedule, manage and express my feelings, have a positive approach on self and to read more.The most significant overall change I have noticed has been I am easier on myself, when the ball drops I don’t find myself welting in a dark whole or have feelings of inadequacy. I now set realistic goals that are achievable everyday, no longer setting myself up for failure.

Kate is my health Fairy God mother who whispers gems of wisdom and care. She is a wealth of knowledge and a wand of positivity.

Thank you for thinking of me as a whole person, for your encouragement and your patience.


Kate was able to help me work toward my goals by giving me practical action steps that I can implement into my daily life and holding me accountable to them. For someone who struggles with holding myself accountable it really helped knowing that Kate was going to be there at the end of two weeks checking up on my progress.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been probably psychologically knowing that I’m doing something really good for myself and my body by nourishing it as best I can and making intentional choices to treat it right and well. I have also found myself to be more ‘prepared’ when starting my day and less rushed. Regular meditative practices, breathing exercises and choosing moments of stillness just seem to make previously daunting tasks/ days less daunting.

I would describe my coach as kind and encouraging but firm in that she holds you accountable which is so important. She doesn’t ever over burden me with tasks that I am not finding that work for me/ are not helpful to me. She is also super wise and knowledgeable so has proved to be a great sounding board and advice giver in all aspects of life.

I would recommend my coach to any one struggling to get to grips with any and all aspects of health and well being in many senses of the word. I love her holistic approach as after all we’re whole beings and we should celebrate our mental and physical health.


Having Kate as a coach is by far one of the best investments that I have ever made. Kate takes the time to listen to what it is that your body specifically needs and helps guide, motivate and transform the way we treat and feel about our bodies. Not only has my nutritional health improved, but so has my relationship with my body and exercise. She helped me to relook at that which I feed my body, as well as that which I feed my soul, and the transformation has been life-changing. I would recommend Kate and this investment in a heartbeat.


If I look back now I am so impressed with how far I was able to come with the gentle and hugely knowledgeable guidance of Kate. We implemented small changes and tried a wide variety of exercises that felt manageable and over time I have adapted my lifestyle hugely and will continue on this journey for many years to come hopefully. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I am more calm and gentle with myself and feel positive that I have learnt incredible things about my body and can continue on this health journey with confidence. 

I would describe my coach as: The absolute best! What an incredible woman. Kate is simply one of the most radiant people. She is quietly confident, gentle, incredibly smart and has the most amazing way of guiding people. It takes a very special person to work with people, especially with delicate issues and Kate handles it all with utter grace. She is a wonderful role model and brilliant to follow on Instagram for updates and inspiration.

Maria Magdalena Campbell

My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were to feel more confident and joyful in everyday life, create space for exercise and wholefood eating.

Kate offered gentle guidance and accountability that was truly priceless. While there are plenty of online tips and tricks that share knowledge and health challenges, Kate was able to tailor a program that suited my individual needs. Having her check in consistently and share her knowledge with me was what helped me reach goals in a personal way that no app or online course could. Since working with Kate, I’ve become more self-confident, trusting and worthy. Her guidance has allowed me to see that I am worthy of taking the time to cook a good meal, give myself proper rest, set boundaries and find joy in the every day.

Kate is full of life-changing wisdom and knowledge that she’s able to share with others in a practical way that isn’t overwhelming. While health is serious, she’s able to guide with a kind and understanding heart (and flippen glowy skin!)

Gabi Van Niekerk

My main goal was to improve my core healthy habits of sleep, diet and exercise and, additionally, to balance my social life. Kate helped me with so much more than just these goals! Her holistic approach means that each goal is considered within the multitude of factors that influence your thoughts, feelings and actions. It really helped to set little goals each week that work towards achieving or maintaining your bigger goals. I appreciated the accountability and reflective process of reporting back to Kate each week. I am so much more aware of my body and all the things that influence how I feel, such as what I eat, how I sleep and how much I move each day. I’ve prioritised spending quality time with myself and it’s been so helpful for me to balance my social and personal lives. The most valuable change for me  has been a shift in my mindset. I question why I’m doing or thinking something and ask myself if it’s in line with my goals? Through the reframing techniques, I’ve learnt to look at things in my life differently and to be more positive. Importantly, I’ve become more compassionate towards myself. Kate is sunshine personified and uses her gentle glow to make you feel supported and capable of achieving your goals. She is generous with her knowledge and is able to guide you based on what you want. I loved that I felt comfortable laughing with Kate and that each session was a genuinably enjoyable interaction. I highly recommend working with Kate to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and how to live their best life!


My top three goals upon starting the 6-month programme were spirituality (feeling calmer & more connected), health (more mindful eating & better energy) and creativity (exploring new ideas). Kate was able to help me work toward these goals by providing resources, information & much needed support. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the programme has been a feeling of being less overwhelmed/ less judgemental on myself and generally more hopeful. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been health – I feel more calm, relaxed and a better understanding of how to take good care of myself (holistically and from various angles). I would describe Kate as  compassionate, supportive ,knowledgeable, kind & gentle, educational and inspiring. Self care is a lengthy process (and more unravels as you delve deeper), but even the smallest act or thought can reap benefits which makes the journey so worthwhile(and worth starting immediately).

I’ve just completed a 3 month Health Programme with the beautiful Katie, and what a journey it has been! She is truly so invested and dedicated to her clients, their journey and their needs.I started out wanting to gain better knowledge and understanding of gut health and gut functioning and I’ve left with so much more! Kate is so knowledgeable, insightful, warm and full of light! She really encompasses a full, wholesome and holistic approach to overall health!