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Should I work with a Health Coach if I’m already working with a Doctor, Dietician or Nutritionist?2017-09-28T17:53:22+02:00

Absolutely! Doctors, Dieticians, Psychologists and Nutritionists often refer their clients to Health Coaches, as they often don’t have the time or wellness resources to help their clients instil long term dietary and lifestyle changes.

I am interested in losing weight. Do you provide a detailed diet and can you help me to count calories?2017-09-28T17:51:02+02:00

A Health Coach is not a registered Nutritionist or Dietician. Kate is trained in over 100 dietary theories, however, she does not create diets for individuals and believes that bio-individuality is key when understanding which foods work best for an individual. There is no one-size-fits-all diet out there, therefore the 6 Month Health Program is important as it allows the Health Coach and client to determine what works best for the client as an individual.

Do you work with minors?2017-09-28T17:49:01+02:00

Yes, but only once I have received written consent from a parent/guardian and terms and conditions have been agreed upon.

How much of my time will it take up?2017-09-28T17:47:46+02:00

You will see your Health Coach bi-weekly for 6 months, so 12 sessions in total. Your Health Coach hand picks resources from highly acclaimed wellness providers that best suit your needs and you are encouraged to keep an open mind when trying out recommended wellness techniques and tools.

Can I benefit from a Health Coach? How do I decide?2017-09-28T17:46:44+02:00

If you feel like you would benefit from someone who can offer you support, guidance and hold you accountable for achieving healthier dietary and lifestyle goals then a Health Coach is the right fit for you! A Health Coach deals with clients that have mild health conditions and does not diagnose, treat or cure disease.

How do I make payment?2017-09-28T17:44:48+02:00

Payment can be made by EFT transaction once the Health Coach and client have discussed and agreed upon the 6-month Health Program process along with terms and conditions.

Can I claim from Medical Aid?2017-09-28T17:42:01+02:00

No unfortunately, you cannot claim from medical aid at this point in time.